Timely, transparent and actionable insights.

Advance Macro helps you navigating the complex macroeconomic landscape. We apply advanced statistical techniques to identify and interpret key trends from the multitude of available data.

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What We Do

We scrutinise closely the vast amount of macroeconomic data and are constantly on the lookout for new signals and trends. Find out how we can help your organisation below.


Browse through our pages and discover our data and analysis offering.

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Use our built-in interface to navigate the data and explore graphs of interesting quantities.

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Download data and/or graphs to incorporate in your analysis and commentary.

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Services We Offer

Our services are geared towards the provision of macroeconomic bulletins, commentaries and reports. Find out how we can help you below.

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Macroeconomic Research

Advance Macro Research aims at becoming a key provider of macroeconomic research and econometric analysis.

Our rigorous research is powered by state-of-the-art macroeconomic models, bridging the latest advancements in statistical modelling and innovative macroeconomic data sources.

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The Central Bank E-monitor

Our Central Bank E-monitor monitors the amount of “non-verbal communication” as captured by facial expressions and tone of voice of the Monetary Policy Commitee Chair during a given monetary policy statement. This is helpful as financial markets react to not only to “what-is-said” during the press conference but also to “how-it-said” .

Sectors We Serve

Businesses and Consulting


Government and Public Institutions


Banking and Finance


Real Estate

Why Advance Macro Research?


Our models go through extensive scrutiny and testing. We attempt at disseminating “academic level” research and results, seeking to apply the most rigorous approaches to solve real life economic questions and challenges.


We understand the importance of timely data provision. We believe a signal can only provide “an edge” if acted upon early on. That is why we aim at publishing our commentaries and research as quickly as possible.


Our commentaries are backed by rigorous and state-of-the-art macroeconomic research. Thanks to our expertise we have identified which series carry the most signal and are helpful in identifying underlying macroeconomic patterns.


We focus on what is relevant in todays markets. Our commentaries and research is up-to-date and reflects relevant themes and so called “hot-topics” in the current macroeconomic debate.